*To become a member of Tampa Bay Bassmasters you must be a member of B.A.S.S.

  1. One Person Tournament
    • President will draw boaters name for launch order.
  2. Entry fee is $40 per angler
    • Entry fee will be paid prior to or the morning of launch.
    • Big bass pot $10 per angler (optional)
  3. Payback is 100%. 20% goes to the Classic Fund, 80% is tournament payout
    • 1 through 5 anglers- 1 place
    • 6 through 10 anglers- 2 places
    • 11 through 15 anglers- 3 places Etc.
  4. Tournaments
    • Boat check will be done by the tournament committee members.
      • All boats must have a minimum $100,000 liability insurance.
      • All boaters must be within required Coast Guard guidelines, PFD’s for all anglers, throw cushion, anchor, signaling device (flare, horn, whistle, etc.), fire extinguisher, kill switches, paddle, working lights and working aerated live well.
      • Boats cannot compete until infractions are rectified.
      • Boats late will be required to check with the Tournament Director and another member (boat check), before competing.
      • Safety and rules meeting will be held 15 minutes prior to launch.
      • No kayaks allowed
  5. Limits and rules
    • Size limit 14 inches golden rule, closed mouth.
    • 12 inches with exemptions check with tournament director for exemptions
    • Courtesy measurement for one fish only (must ask Tournament Director before weighing fish)
    • Dead fish penalty is 4oz.
    • Any short fish weighed or turned in will be disqualified plus 1 pound penalty.
    • Five (5) fish limit per angler.
    • Total weight tie breaker is the biggest fish between the anglers.
    • Fish turned in exceeding the 5 fish limit will then be culled by a tournament official, starting with the largest.
    • No kayaks allowed
  6. No boat shall fish within fifty (50) yards of another competitor if they are anchored with the trolling motor up.
  7. All protests relative to the actual tournament must be done before weigh-in.
  8. All protests relative to the weigh-in must be done immediately following the weigh-in.
  9. Safe boating should be practiced at all times, respect of your fellow fishermen and other boaters is expected.
    • Anyone cited or ticketed during the tournament will be disqualified.
    • No alcoholic beverages during tournament hours
  10. Artificial Lures only
    • Only one rod at a time will be used
    • No trolling
    • All bass must be caught in a live and sporting manner.
  11. Scoring will be:
    • 50 pts 1st
    • 45 pts 2nd
    • 40 pts 3rd
    • 35 pts 4th
    • 34 pts 5th
    • 33 pts 6th ETC…
    • If you fish a tournament and catch 0 fish, you will receive 10 points less than the last person who caught fish
  12. Starting time – Safe daylight.
  13. Weigh-in time is 3 P.M. (except when noted at the meeting before launch) Not fishing and off plane.
    • Any boat not within sight at 3 P.M. will be assessed a (1) pound per minute penalty.
    • Any boat 15 minutes late will be disqualified.
    • If you have a fish over 5 pounds you may weigh it first.
  14. Tiebreakers
    • Total weight tie- 1st tie breaker= total fish, 2nd tie breaker= big bass
    • Big bass=split pot
  15. Classic
    • Must fish a minimum of 7 tournaments to qualify.
    • Payback determined by Classic fund balance.
  16. To fish State and National Nation tournaments
    • Must be a member in good standing with:
      • Bass Anglers Sportsman Society
      • Florida B.A.S.S. $25.00 per year
      • National Federation $30.00 per year
  17. Club Dues are $25.00 per year
  18. Sportsmanship – follow the high standards set forth by B.A.S.S., Florida B.A.S.S., and this chapter and its bylaws.
  19. All decisions made by the tournament director or committee members are final.
  20. Any violation of these rules may lead to tournament disqualification and/or chapter membership dismissal.