Welcome to Tampa Bay Bassmasters

Our next meeting is March 22nd at the Wing House of Wesley Chapel at 6:30PM. Our next tournament is March 25th on The Winter Haven Chain out of Lake Shipp Park.

 Newsletter for February's Tournament:

George Mitko took first place with a limit weighing 12.21 lbs. George was able to get a quick limit by pitching a trick worm into lily pads. Steve Mitko took second place with 10.93 lbs on five fish. Steve got his weight by pitching a stick bait worm into lily pads as well. Joe Moss, who fished with Steve, had a limit weighing 10.04 lbs. Joe caught his limit by pitching a worm into lily pads. Randy Hoedt had the big bass of the tournament which weighed 4.03 lbs. That bass helped him to a fifth place finish weighing 8.48 lbs.


If you're interested in fishing our club, come attend our next meeting before our next tournament at The Winter Haven Chain


Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Bassmasters members who fished in the Florida Bass Nation tournaments on Lake Harris. Larry Burchett took first place in the co-angler side with 14.54 lbs. Justin Weber took fourth with 11.05 lbs. For the boaters, George Mitko took 7th place with 12.08 lbs.


New Rule Changes for the 2017 Season:

• Angler must fish a minimum of 6 tournaments to qualify for the Classic

• No entry fee refunds or transfers after 8:00 PM Thursday before the tournament

• 10 AOY points will be received for meeting attendees

• If you fish a tournament and catch 0 fish, you will receive 10 points less than the last person who caught fish



Please make checks payable to Tampa Bay Bassmasters