Welcome to Tampa Bay Bassmasters

Our next meeting is August 23th at the Wing House of Wesley Chapel at 6:30 PM. Our next tournament is August 26th on The Clermont Chain out of the Lake Minneola Ramp.

  Newsletter for July's Tournament:

It was a tough tournament out on the St. John's. Co-angler Justin Webber took 1st place with a limit weighing 7.37 lbs. Justin was throwing a worm in front of lake and canal openings catching schooling fish. Doug Gray finished in 2nd place with a 6.78 lb limit. Doug was Justin Webber's boater so Doug was throwing a worm catching schooling fish as well. Randy Hoedt finished out the top 3 with a 5 bass limit for a total weight of 5.72lbs. Randy caught his fish pitching and punching mats in the main river.


New Rule Changes for the 2017 Season:

• Angler must fish a minimum of 6 tournaments to qualify for the Classic

• No entry fee refunds or transfers after 8:00 PM Thursday before the tournament

• 10 AOY points will be received for meeting attendees

• If you fish a tournament and catch 0 fish, you will receive 10 points less than the last person who caught fish



Please make checks payable to Tampa Bay Bassmasters